Warranty Policy

Our warranty policy covers defective parts and accessories sent by us. We offer a warranty on almost every automotive part. Our warranty system does not cover any form of Labor cost. In a situation where it is found that a part is defective, first we attempt to replace it and if a replacement is not possible, then we will issue a refund for the total amount that has been charged against your purchase. In case a reorder is made before the return of the initial part we will require upfront payment for the subsequent part and refund.

When raising return requests to Used Parts Yard, please provide a detailed explanation regarding why the part is being returned. If a part is returned which does not match the return specification of the part in this warranty policy, Used Parts Yard will charge a 25% restocking fee from the total paid amount. Used Parts Yard will not be liable if the customer refuses to claim the item at the given address provided during the time of purchase.

Before ordering, please verify it with a mechanic or a body specialist for ordering the correct part. We will not initiate any refund and will not accept any returns if the order made by the customer is mistakenly ordered. Additionally, the product should be returned within 30 days from the date it was delivered.

The following are the few exceptional cases that will either void a warranty or are exceptions to our 30 days return policy:

Electrical items for example Engine Computers and Body Control Modules, transmission modules, transfer case modules are not for testing purposes, and only guaranteed to have the correct manufacturer part number. All electrical items come under the replacement warranty only. We will send up to one replacement order to correct a non-working module. A module may need to be reset by the dealer. In this case, a part cannot be returned until the dealer verifies that the part has been improved properly. Additionally, in the case of the electrical part if altered in any way will not be accepted as a return.

In the case of struts, sold in working condition will only come under warranty. The actual ride quality of the shocks or springs does not come under warranty, but we ensure that the springs and strut top will be in working condition. However, shocks may be modified to enhance ride quality. Control arms are warranted to be original and straight. The warranty does not cover any rubber bushings or non-metal parts attached to control arms.

Parts of Bushings and Ball Joints are not covered in the warranty.


guarantee that it will shift properly, gears and bearings would work smoothly. Thoroughly need to clean every component of the transmission including oil pan before assembly. Replace oil and filter in every automatic transmission. You need to replace every seal and gasket before installation. Flush and flow test cooler and lines. Fully engaged with a torque converter in a front pump. In the manual transmission, you should install a new clutch, pressure plate, and slave cylinder. You also need to have your flywheel turned before installation. Fill and verify fluid to ensure proper levels. There is no guarantee of Seals in turbo to be perfect. The seals might be changed in a warranted timeframe. Warranty only covers door shell, not the accessories such as windows, window regulators, handles, hinges, or interior panels. Other body parts for example hoods, fenders, bumpers, quarter panels, and header panels are not guaranteed to include hinges, hood ornaments, locks, trim, headlights, or grilles. If there is a mismatch of color on requesting a specific shade of the body part it will not be covered in warranty and will not be considered as a reason of return, however, we will repaint the body part to match your vehicle.


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